Hello there!

My name is AJ.

I am constantly learning. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes. My passion for study and creativity have lead me here:

Instructional Designer & Developer 

In my search for a career that was equal parts learning & creating as well as provide an avenue for me to explore my varied interests, I discovered instructional design in 2016. 

Teacher / Trainer

I began my career as an adult ESL teacher but have made my career up until now as a literacy professional empowering native and second language learners of all ages to read and write in English.

One of the most exciting aspects of my current position is when I get to facilitate initial training sessions, provide on-the-job training, and create ongoing professional development for other teachers.


I love writing and the writing process. I am often writing poetry and flash fiction. I have also served as a contributing article writer for my sorority's newsletter and written web content for several organizational and business websites. 

Thank you for visiting my blog! 


IG/Twitter: @bookishpenchant